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How long is the hot air balloon flight?

The flight lasts approximately 1 hour but it varies depending on weather conditions and the flight area. The whole activity (assembly, flight and so on) takes around 5 hours.

Is it very cold up there?

The temperature in the balloon will be similar to that experienced when walking in the fields in the early morning. You are advised to wear suitable clothes for the time of year, comfortable footwear and a cap or hat.
In summer we recommend a cap to protect your head from the sun and the heat coming off the balloon burner, as well as sun cream.
In winter the temperature in the early morning is low so we recommend you to wear thick socks, jacket, gloves and a cap.

Why do we have to start so early?

For technical reasons, it is very important to start in the early morning because it is when the wind is at its calmest and the atmosphere is most stable, that is why we require passengers to be punctual.

How can I book my balloon trip?

If you have already decided to enjoy this experience, you can take a look at our catalogue and choose the option that best suits your needs.
Go to the “Tickets” section on the website and follow the instructions. In just 3 easy steps you will have your ticket!
If you have any questions before booking, please send us an email to totglobo@totglobo.com and we will be happy to help you.

What if the weather conditions are unsuitable?

Appropriate weather conditions are vital for flying. That is why we will be in touch with you a few days before the flight following weather consultation.
If the forecast is not promising the day before the flight, we will have to cancel your flight and you will be able to look for a different date.
On the other hand, the forecast might be very good but conditions might suddenly change the morning of the flight. In this case, the pilot may decide to cancel the flight and postpone it for a different date.
In no event shall the above circumstances mean a cost to the client.

Is hot air ballooning safe?

We encourage you to enjoy this fantastic experience, find out all the information about balloon flights and more importantly do not cut corners on safety .
TOTGLOBO is an aviation company that operates commercial hot air balloon flights with passengers since 1998. Over the last 18 years we have been flying thousands of customers without a single serious incident.
Our whole fleet is inspected regularly by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA).
Our pilots and balloons have all the qualifications, licences and insurance required to operate these types of flights with all the requisite guarantees, as established for that purpose in the Law.
All the above documents are available to our customers.


Is there an age limit for flying in a balloon?

There is no legal age limit. However, we recommend a minimum age of 5 years old for children. There is no maximum age for adults. It is a very calm and safe activity.

How high will we fly? Where will we land?

The maximum height is defined by the flight area and the wind at any given moment.
We drift on the wind so the flight direction is always different. This is precisely the charm of ballooning, travelling on the wind. And that is why each journey is always unique.
We can, tough, control how high we fly so we will try to follow the best wind currents.

Can I fly if I’m pregnant?

We do not fly pregnant women for safety reasons. This does not mean that you will miss your balloon trip once the service has been contracted. Since the flight tickets have no expiration, you can enjoy this incredible experience later: perhaps with your whole family!!


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